What we do

 When you give a gift for a specific project, we make sure that your gift goes exactly for that project. We accept gifts of any amount--$5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $1000 or more—God calls each of us to do what we can with what we have where we are. Some of us can give more and some of us can give less.

We partner with individuals, Sunday School classes, local churches, and businesses to raise funds for the following projects (the approximate cost of each project is listed below).

  • The Wilbur Project empowers girls through education and sustainable business initiatives ($50 for a pair of pigs)
  • Sewing machines for widows, HIV positive women, and girls unable to attend school ($200 for a sewing machine, supplies, and three years of training)
  • Self-sustainable businesses for widows and HIV positive women ($50 for a microloan to start a business)
  • Agricultural projects such as goats, ducks, chickens, guinea pigs, sweet potatoes, and cassava (including tools such as hoes, rakes, and shovels--$50)
  • Heavy duty bicycles for those with physical disabilities in Rwanda that are used to transport goods such as charcoal, fruit and vegetables, concrete, palm oil, etc. Such bicycles can carry over 400 pounds and will employee both its physically handicapped driver and the pusher ($500)
  • Literacy projects ($25 for books, writing materials, and teaching supplies for one person)
  • Bore hole wells for clean water (because of our local contacts we can dig a well, line and cap it with concrete, and install a pump for $3,000).
  • Schools in rural, under-served communities (often we do not need to build an entire school from scratch, but supply metal sheeting for roofing, windows, doors, desks, chairs, and/or chalkboards. Needs vary from $100 to $5000)
  • Handmade beaded jewelry and banana leaf cards businesses ($1,000 for start-up supplies and training)
  • Tilapia ponds ($5,000)
    Cassava and maize grinders as a way for local schools to generate income for school fees, teachers, and meals for students ($2,500)
  • Churches (for a church with a metal roof and handmade concrete blocks made by local people: $5,000)
  • Toilets for schools (girls especially will not attend school unless there are adequate toilets: $1,000)
  • Bibles for pastors ($10/Bible)
  • Cell phones for pastors (we collect used phones that can be re-used in remote ministry locations)
  • Pineapple juice press and project in Rwanda ($2,500)
  • Emergency medical needs (the most severe needs are between $500 and $2000—usually several smaller gifts are needed to meet such emergencies) Rural medical clinics ($60,000+ for the building, equipment, supplies, medicine, and a companion store from which local people will purchase various goods that will help supply the long-term financial needs of the clinic)


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